We offer a full range of Hot Air Balloon Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Services.

We have the tools, expertise and experience required to provide any type of maintenance to balloons.

We can inspect, repair and maintain all types and models from manufacturers including (but not limited to the following makes): Bard, Kubicek, Ultramagic, Cameron, Lindstrand, Colt, Thunder&Colt, Fantasy, Sundance. 

We offer wide variety of maintenance services including:

  • Envelopes (inspection, fabric replacement and various repairs).
  • Baskets (inspection, wicker or woodwork repair; weaving new baskets from scratch).
  • Inflation Fans (inspection, maintenace or building new).
  • Burners (inspection, cleaning, overhaul).
  • Fuel cylinders (iInspection and recertification).
  • Making new parts such as burner bags, envelope bags, markers for competitions as well as basket pouches for radios, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, etc.

We have our very own Transport Canada certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) on staff and he has more specialized training than most other AMEs in Canada and he prides himself his quality of work: